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Justus-von-Liebig-Ring 8
82152 Krailling
+49 89 899 360 1400

InnoLas lasers combine innovative laser technology and precise construction, offering you powerful, reliable and stable-value tools for your application. The monolithic design of all InnoLas laser heads ensures highest thermal and mechanical stability. The alignment of the resonator, all other optical components as well as the power supply and regulation optimize the laser sources.

We built all kinds of lasers: lamp-pumped, diode-pumped, OPO, multi-pulse, sub-ns and many more. Customization is our daily business: we can change and adjust our lasers to meet our customers’ needs. Our lasers can be used for a number of scientific and industrial applications: spectroscopy, photoacoustic, LIDAR and PIV are just a fraction of what can be done.

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