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TOPAG Lasertechnik supplies lasers, laser optics and optical metrology. Its main focus is the distribution and service of pulsed solid-state lasers for scientific and industrial applications, in particular ultra-short pulse lasers for micro material processing. Further products comprise opto-mechanics, spectrometers, infrared viewers, crystals and ultra-short pulse spectroscopy. TOPAG develops and manufactures innovative diffractive laser beam shaping optics and optical systems, including diffractive beam shapers to generate diffraction-limited Top Hat profiles (FBS), Gaussian to Top Hat beam shapers (GTH) based on refractive free form optics as well as diffractive beam splitters (DBS).

For more than 25 years, individual consultation and close collaboration with our customers are the foundation of the company’s success. Our physicists and engineers are experts in designing customer-specific solutions.

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Selected Products for Laser Micromachining

Femtosecond Laser Carbide with 80 W, 800 µJ and new BiBurst Option

Careful continuous development of the femtosecond laser series Carbide led to the introduction of a new model featuring doubled output power. With > 80 W max output power and > 800 µJ max pulse energy at a continuously tunable repetition rate from 100 kHz – 2 MHz and pulse durations from 290 fs – 10 ps, no compromises to excellent beam quality and industrial grade reliability were made. The optional harmonics modules deliver 515 nm, 343 nm or 257 nm.

The new burst-in-burst capability – called BiBurst – increases ablation efficiency in industrial microfabrication processes like drilling, cutting or surface structuring even further: The distance between up to 10 subsequent burst packets is about 16 ns (MHz burst). Each burst packet contains up to 10 sub-pulses at picosecond distance (GHz burst). Furthermore, the intra-burst amplitude slope can be adjusted via electronic control (increasing, decreasing or all pulses equal).

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Compact Entirely Air-cooled Industrial Picosecond Laser Atlantic 5

The picosecond laser Atlantic 5 for micromachining is available as a compact, entirely air-cooled model. TOPAG offers this laser from the manufacturer Ekspla with up to 5 W at 1064 nm wavelength and 10 ps pulse duration. Optionally, harmonics with 2 W at 532 nm, 1 W at 355 nm and electronic wavelength switching is available. For all wavelengths, the laser stands out by its excellent pulse-to-pulse stability.

Because of the short pulse duration, the thermal damage at the processed material is reduced to a minimum. In many applications in areas like photovoltaic, electronics, biomedicine or automotive, this is becoming increasingly important. The high repetition rate of up to 1 MHz and pulse energies up to 30 µJ allow efficient production processes with high throughput. Furthermore, air-cooling and the small dimensions of only 372 x 158 x 590 mm³ facilitate the integration in your process. Thus, the Atlantic is a cost-effective ultrashort pulse laser and an attractive alternative to other conventional industrial lasers for micromachining.

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FBS-L Top Hat Beam Shaper

TOPAG develops and manufactures laser beam shaping optics: Gaussian to Top Hat beam shapers, diffractive beam splitters and beam samplers.

Our recent development led to the introduction of FBS-L, a Top Hat beam shaper especially designed to generate short, narrow and homogeneous line spots in the focal plane. It combines the well-tried Top Hat shape of the FBS-2 shaper with the smallest spot size of Gaussian spots.

Along the line the FBS-L generates a Top Hat profile. Whereby the pulse-to-pulse overlap can be reduced and the processing speed increased. The Top Hat profile also leads to more homogeneous ablation and can avoid damage of subjacent layers of layer systems. Across the line the shape is Gaussian to allow the smallest line width. The ratio between length and width is about 1.6:1 @ 1/e² or 2.2:1 @ FWHM.

The FBS-L beam shaper in combination with any focusing optics and collimated single mode Gaussian beam (TEM00 with M² of 1.4 or better) delivers a homogeneous line profile. This line profile is generated in the focal plane of the focusing optics. Thus, working distance is equal to the focal length of the focusing optics. The line length can be approximated by 2 * λ * f / d, with λ = wavelength, f = focal length of focusing optics and d = beam diameter at focusing optics.

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Compact Spectrometer S100 for Laser Wavelength Monitoring

The compact spectrometer S100 covers an extremely wide spectral range from 190 - 1100 nm with a resolution of 1 nm. The input is fiber-coupled, CCD respectively CMOS detectors are available for different requirements. The device is easy to use, as it is connected through USB port, does not require an external power supply and has no movable components. The software included is user-friendly and provides a wide range of measurement options.

Applications of this cost-efficient instrument are besides montoring of ultrashort and short pulse lasers in micromaching also laser diode wavelength control, plasma monitoring and broadband light source investigations.

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IR Viewers for Laser Alignment and Safety

TOPAG offers infrared viewers for laser alignment and safety in scientific and industrial applications. Abris-M is a compact, lightweight and hand-held device with spectral sensitivity up to 2 µm. You can choose between two different objectives with different magnification factor, field of view and focus length, either with integrated iris diaphragm or external pinhole attenuator (included). Every infrared viewer comes with IR filter, batteries and case.

Several options such as face mask mounting and more attractively priced models with spectral sensitivity up to 1.3 or 1.7 µm allow choosing the optimal solution for your specific application. Alternatively, digital IR cameras directly connected to your computer are also available.

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Optics for Ultrafast Lasers

We offer a wide range of optics such as lenses, mirrors, polarization optics and laser crystal as well as opto-mechanics for mounting and adjusting optics. The FemtoLine series comprises optics especially designed for ultrafast laser applications and come with broadband low GDD coatings, high reflectivity metal coatings or high damage thresholds. Any optic can be offered as customized version with different size, material or coating. Additionally, crystals for use as gain medium or frequency conversion for femtosecond lasers are available.

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