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3D Printing of Dense and Complex Cu Heat Sinks

Thursday (25.06.2020)
17:20 - 17:40 Room 1
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Copper (Cu) presents a high thermal conductivity (~ 400 W/m·K), which makes it an essential material for thermal management applications in numerous industries. Nevertheless, the shape of Cu heat exchangers is often limited to simple geometry because of the low capability of manufacturing methods available to prepared complex structures. The introduction of selective laser melting (SLM) offers a significant degree of freedom to manufacture intricated shapes. However, the high laser reflection in the near infra-red domain and the high thermal conductivity of Cu present several issues to obtain dense Cu parts.


In this work, dense and complex shaped Cu heat sinks were printed using a moderate laser power of 400 W. The investigation of the printing parameters showed that a scan speed of 400 mm/s and a hatch distance of 0.12 mm conduct to a dense Cu part (95%) with a low surface roughness (Ra ~18 μm). It is demonstrated that the printed heat sink has similar properties to a commercial one or bulk Cu with thermal conductivity of 368 W/m.K. Then, intricated shapes heat sinks were manufactured by SLM. The heat dissipation performance of the manufactured heat sinks was compared to the commercial one. For that, the temperature profile of a hot electronic chip cooled by heat sinks was studied. It is found that a high surface area heat sink manufactured by SLM enables to dissipate the heat from the chip 60% more efficiently than the commercial one.

Prof. Dr. Yongfeng Lu
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Additional Authors:
  • Loic Constantin
  • Prof. Dr. Lisha Fan
    University of Nebraska - Lincoln
  • Zhipeng Wu
    University of Nebraska - Lincoln
  • Prof. Dr. Jean-Francois Silvain


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