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Student Multiphoton polymerization as a tool for liver tissue engineering

Thursday (25.06.2020)
13:50 - 14:10 Room 3
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Currently there are many possibilities for the fabrication of 2D structures consisting of all kinds of materials. However, the means for structuring complex 3D-scaffolds especially out of biocompatible materials are limited. The newly emerging technique of multiphoton polymerization allows the production of complex 3D structures through the simultaneous absorption of two or more photons. Because of the nonlinear dependence of this process the polymerization only occurs within the laserfocus. Therefore, complex layer-by-layer techniques and high temperature or pressure changes are not needed for the construction of freestanding 3D structures with high resolution. This is of special interest in the area of liver tissue engineering, since this organ shows a very complex microscopic morphology. By establishing the optimal writing parameters for the most suitable material for this kind of additive laser fabrication, we could mimic a highly accurate liver lobule structure, which is useful as an organoid cell system in various pharmacological studies. So far, we managed to fabricate such a structure out of the commercially used photoresist SU-8. Further experiments will include scaling down the canal diameter of the artificial structure to the size of the natural occurring sinusoid diameter. Further, we are going to experiment with different materials, e.g. the synthetic hybrid material ORMOCOMP® or the native protein collagen, to see, if we can achieve an even higher resemblance between the artificial and the native liver lobule.

Lisa Zeußel
Ilmenau University
Additional Authors:
  • Dr. Sukhdeep Singh
    Technical University Ilmenau
  • Jörg Hampl
    Technical University Ilmenau
  • Frank Weise
    Technical University Ilmenau
  • Carsten Ziebolz
    Technical University Ilmenau
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Schober
    Technical University Ilmenau


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