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Student Fabrication of the light-responsive microchannel inside hydrogel

Tuesday (23.06.2020)
10:10 - 10:30 Room 1
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Controlling the flow rate of the microchannel inside hydrogel would allow for the change of shear stress to better simulate the internal environment of a living body, as well as the evaluation of cell migration at different flow rates, etc. In this study, we fabricated a gold microstructure adjacent to a microchannel inside a temperature-responsive hydrogel using multi-photon photoreduction. By illuminating continuous-wave (CW) light onto the gold microstructure, which acted as a light absorber, localized change in the size of the microchannel was induced. When CW light was illuminated onto the gold microstructure, the cross-sectional area of the microchannel expanded to over 150% of the initial area. The expansion depended on various parameters, such as the illumination time of the CW light, length between individual scans, and distance between the gold microstructure and the microchannel. This method could allow for the spatially selective and precise control of the flow rate of the microchannel by light stimulation.

Yo Nagano
Keio University
Additional Authors:
  • Kosuke Mizuguchi
    Keio University
  • Hiroaki Onoe
    Keio University
  • Mitsuhiro Terakawa
    Keio University


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