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Student Figure correction of borosilicate glass substrates by nanosecond UV-laser irradiation

Wednesday (24.06.2020)
15:50 - 16:10 Room 3
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Thin films usually exhibit a certain degree of mechanical stress after deposition, which can lead to a significant deformation of the underlying substrate. We suggest a method for figure correction of glass substrates by laser induced tensile surface stresses on the backside of the substrate, which are generated by surface melting. We show results for the deformation of Schott D263M thin glass plates (~ 210 µm thick) by areal irradiation with an ArF excimer laser (193 nm wavelength and ~20 ns pulse duration). The integrated film stress (or stress-thickness) of the induced stressed surface layer can be controlled by the laser fluence or by the ratio of irradiated to total area. Thus by inhomogeneous irradiation the local curvature of the sample can be changed. This method could be especially useful for figure correction of borosilicate glass substrates coated by a thin film system, which in total exhibits a tensile film stress.

Clemens Beckmann
Laser-Laboratorium Göttingen e.V.
Additional Authors:
  • Dr. Jürgen Ihlemann
    Laser-Laboratorium Göttingen e.V.


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