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Digital approach for laser parameters optimization in femtosecond processing

Friday (26.06.2020)
10:30 - 10:50 Room 3
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We looked at efficient and fast process development methods, using digital simulation tools that can be used online, as part of a loop that ultimately adjusts laser parameters to the process results. In this ambitious approach, several steps must be mastered. First of all, the availability of a "smart" laser source allowing for an easier connection with the external environment. Then the use of beam engineering tools, also connectable and controllable, in order to act on more parameters than the energy or repetition rate of the laser pulses, for example by addressing the spatial shaping of the pulses. Before the complete system can, after analyzing the processing results, re-enclose on the laser parameters, it is also necessary to have an online measurement system of the process results. This last point is probably the most delicate because most of the devices used to analyze ablation results are difficult to implement online. Moreover, data exploitation is by far the most time-consuming step-in process development. In this work, we do not pretend , of course, to provide solutions to all the problems posed by this new approach, but to present some techniques already existing, especially in terms of laser connectivity, programmable beam shaping, but also in terms of digital tools usable online for the prediction of ablation results. It includes models operating in the absence of a physical model available, for instance in complex cases of thermal effects that can be added to the femtosecond ablation.


Dr. Eric Audouard


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