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Texturing and replication of antibacterial surfaces for industrial applications

Thursday (25.06.2020)
16:00 - 16:20 Room 3
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The exploitation of laser-induced surface-functionalization applications for commercial purposes still requires the implementation of a reliable and effective production system and an overall increasing of the process throughput. Here, a high-average power USP laser system is employed together with a ultra-fast scanning system for beam deflection to generate nano-textured antibacterial surfaces on a stainless steel industrial-size injection mold. A texturing speed of up to 20 cm2/s can be reached, allowing the processing of the 800x600mm2 piece in a few minutes. The antibacterial structuring was transferred on polypropylene tanks employed to store water in everyday dish-washers: the improvement of their performances with respect to a reduced biofilm formation fits in with the goal of reducing water waste and maintenance costs.


Additional Authors:
  • Alexandra Bourtereau
  • Marc Faucon
  • Dr. Adrian Lutey
    Universita di Parma
  • Dr. Luca Romoli
    Universita di Parma
  • Dr. Rainer Kling


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