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Femtosecond high power laser micromachining using beam-splitting optics and top-hat intensity profile

Thursday (25.06.2020)
11:50 - 12:10 Room 3
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In the past decade, the growing need for femtosecond lasers increased dramatically for micromachining applications. Thus, newest industrial femtosecond lasers with high power are now available on the market.


Lasea machines are already fitted with optomechanical components able to propagate those high power beams. However, it is difficult to use this power at its full potential when processing material. In those conditions, the ablation process becomes inefficient and wide heat affected zones (HAZ) appears around the process area due to strong incubation.


One way to overcome this problem and to dramatically parallelize the process is to divide the power into several beams with optimal fluences. Both decreasing incubation and processing time. Another way to appropriately use the power of the delivered beam is to change the intensity profile distribution. With the Canunda-Pulse component, it is possible to convert the intensity profile from gaussian to top-hat, thus equalizing the local intensity of the beam spot.


In this study, we will search for optimal laser and geometrical parameters in order to optimize ablation ratios in various laser processing applications and compare the results with obtained with standard gaussian single beam profiles.

Additional Authors:
  • Anne Henrottin
  • Dr. David Bruneel
  • Dr. José Antonio Ramos-de-Campos
  • Dr. Ivan Gusachenko
  • Dr. Clément Jacquard
  • Gwenn Pallier


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