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Ultrafast laser written 3D – 3 Telescopes beam combiner for stellar interferometry applications

Friday (26.06.2020)
10:10 - 10:30 Room 1
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By using direct ultrafast laser photoinscription technique we fabricated 3D – 3 Telescopes (3T) beam combiner in a bulk glass chip and used it for interferometry and phase closure measurements in the near IR. The 3D-3T device is realized on a standard SiO2 bulk glass by using a transverse slit-shaping scan method, and photoinscription of high aspect ratio void structures, by using non-diffractive Bessel laser beams. The design allows obtaining in a single device the combination of optical signals coming from three different telescopes, which are coupled into the different input waveguides and pairwise combined in order to obtain interference fringes at the three outputs simultaneously, by scanning the relative optical phase delay between the inputs. By fitting the interference fringes at the output of the device, after normalizing with the relative photometries and rescaling the optical path delay for all the outputs, phase-closure measurement has been achieved. The obtained device shows good wide band contrast and correct global transmission losses. The obtained results will be discussed.

Dr. Ciro DAmico
Université Jean Monnet
Additional Authors:
  • Dr. Guodong Zhang
    Northwestern Polytechnical University
  • Prof. Guanghua Cheng
    Northwestern Polytechnical University
  • Dr. Guillermo Martin
    Université Grenoble Alpes
  • Dr. Razvan Stoian
    Université Jean Monnet - Université de Lyon


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