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Ultrafast laser drilling of ceramics: comprehensive survey of laser parameters and material properties

Wednesday (24.06.2020)
09:00 - 09:20 Room 3
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Throughput and quality of laser precise material processing are influenced by multiple laser parameters as well as material properties. Thus, quick survey and optimization of these parameters are quite important for higher-grade processing, for example, reducing heat-affected zone (HAZ). Recently, we developed an Yb-doped fiber chirped-pulse amplification system operated at a wavelength of 1033 nm and a maximum power of over 100 W, that can control laser parameters (pulse duration, repetition, etc.) over a wide range. In this work, using this laser system (pulse duration: 0.4 to 400 ps, repetition: single shot to 1 MHz), laser micro-drilling ceramics such as AlN, Al2O3, YSZ was investigated by scanning the pulse duration (0.4 to 200 ps) and repetition (100 Hz to 1 MHz). Since functional ceramics also exhibit wide-ranged properties such as thermal conductivity from 3 for YSZ to 240 W·m-1·K-1 for AlN, we found that the dependece of ablation volume rate on pulse duration show a big difference in various ceramics. We will report a fast and comprehensive survey method for ultrafast laser processing of cearamics.

Additional Authors:
  • Dr. Hideyuki Takada
  • Dr. Dai Yoshitomi
  • Dr. Kenji Torizuka
  • Prof. Yohei Kobayashi
    The University of Tokyo


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