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Invited Lecture

Laser Direct-write of Screen-printable Pastes for Microelectronic Applications

Thursday (25.06.2020)
15:40 - 16:20 Room 1
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Consumer demand for lighter, cheaper and smaller electronic devices requires use of packaging with the smallest footprint possible. Laser direct-write (LDW) techniques based on laser-induced forward transfer (LIFT) offer unique advantages and capabilities for the printing of high viscosity pastes and suspensions such as solder pastes and conductive adhesives. At NRL, LIFT processes have been applied for dispensing high viscosity pastes incorporating a wide range of materials such as silver nanoparticles suspensions for screen printing and small particle size solder pastes (Type 6) for Ultra-Fine Pitch (UFP) applications with 5 – 15 µm particle size distribution. This work will highlight the results obtained with LDW of various types of screen printable pastes and describe how this highly adaptable digital microfabrication process is ideal for UFP printing applications where miniaturization strategies call for chip-scale packaging. Examples of the types of structures - such as interconnects - made with LIFT together with specific applications in microfabrication and microelectronics will be discussed.


This work was funded by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) through the Naval Research Laboratory Basic Research Program.

Dr. Alberto Piqué
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
Additional Authors:
  • Kristin Charipar
    U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
  • Dr. Heungsoo Kim
    U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
  • Ray Auyeung
    U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
  • Dr. Nicholas Charipar
    U.S. Naval Research Laboratory


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