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Invited Lecture

Single-shot interference processing of ultrathin plates by femtosecond laser

Thursday (25.06.2020)
10:30 - 11:10 Room 2
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The momentum of light is quite small compared with that of ion.

Therefore, the impact shock is expected to be greatly reduced by laser processing enabling the processing of much thinner samples even if the sample is not supported by any hard material.

Here, we demonstrate the interference laser processing of ultrathin silicon plates with a thickness of 35 nm by single-shot irradiation of femtosecond laser.

The grating fabricated by the interference pattern between a plane wave and a vortex beam was verified to generate an electron vortex beam for a 200 kV electron beam.

The diffraction efficiency was estimated to be at least 19 %, which is achievable only by a phase grating.

Dr. Yuuki Uesugi
Tohoku University
Additional Authors:
  • Prof. Shunichi Sato
    Tohoku University
  • Dr. Yuichi Kozawa
    Tohoku University
  • Ryota Fukushima
    Tohoku University


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