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Quality and efficiency of GHz femtosecond processing

Wednesday (24.06.2020)
16:10 - 16:30 Room 1
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Ablation of lines and cavities using high power GHz femtosecond lasers achieves high specific removal rates up to 5.9 mm3/min/W in the case of aluminum and 5.55 mm3/min/W in the case of silicon. The efficiency increase can be explained by the combination of non-thermal and thermal nature of the laser-matter interaction. In this work we study the impact of the efficiency gain on the obtained processing quality.

Dr. Eric Audouard
Additional Authors:
  • Guillaume Bonamis
    Amplitude-Systèmes / CELIA Lab
  • Dr. Konstantin Mishchik
  • Eric Mottay
  • Dr. Clemens Honninger
  • Dr. John Lopez
    CELIA Lab
  • Dr. Inka Manek-honninger
    CELIA Lab


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