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Ablative microprocessing using 65 ps pulses – challenging the dead valley of ablation efficiency using bursts of pulses

Wednesday (24.06.2020)
16:30 - 16:50 Room 1
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Laser processing systems employ either ultra-short pulses below 10 ps or thousand times longer nanosecond pulses, while our custom fiber-laser source enables MHz bursts of 65 ps pulses. The intermediate regime was tackled in our experiments, aiming to observe and understand the processes involved during laser ablation at both the time-scales of tens of picoseconds as well as on the nanosecond timescale by joining the pulses in bursts. We have observed the ablation efficiency on copper layers and on crystalline silicon, as well as the quality of processing achieved. We have compared the results obtained with different burst regimes at varied energies, using different burst-to-burst overlaps on material and intra-burst repetition rates. We reproduced the experiment using two commercially available laser sources, one emitting single-picosecond and the other 100 ns pulses, offering full comparison of state-of-the-art laser systems.

Dr. Jaka Mur
University of Ljubljana
Additional Authors:
  • Jernej Jan Kočica
    University of Ljubljana
  • Dr. Jaka Petelin
    University of Ljubljana
  • Prof. Dr. Rok Petkovšek
    University of Ljubljana