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Plenary Lecture

Ultrafast laser processing to innovate consumer electronics manufacturing

Friday (26.06.2020)
09:00 - 09:40 Room 1

09:00 - 09:40

For last decade, ultrafast lasers have become attractive tools for consumer electronics manufacturing such as mobile display, flexible electronics, and electric vehicles by providing breakthrough to overcome existing huddles in current production technology. In Korea, which is one of the most fast-varying countries in such fields, ultrafast laser processes have been aggressively adopted in OLED display pixel repair, glass and flexible film cutting, electrode patterning, and other critical processes by manufacturers.  The department of laser and electron beam application at Korea institute of machinery and materials (KIMM) and our industrial partners have tried to bring  the cutting-edge ultrafast laser technology to production sites.

This presentation introduces our recently demonstrated approaches in developing novel processes and relevant optical systems maximizing the benefit of ultrafast lasers [1,2]. Firstly, tailoring of material properties by ultrafast lasers to enhance the device efficiency of organic electronics is presented. Laser induced photo-expansion and molecular reorientation is investigated as a new pathway to increase the quantum efficiency of OPVs. The surface engineering of the organic devices to enhance the crystallinity of organic semiconducting thin film will also be presented as another example of the localized tailoring of material properties. Secondly, the ultrafast laser systems for precision micromachining of the OLED display pixel (pixel repair) and electrode patterning of composite flexible film for OLED lighting are presented.  

Dr. Jiyeon Choi
Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials (KIMM)