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TruMicro Series 2000 - ultimate flexibility in ultrafast micromachining via tunable ultrashort pulse duration, flexible pulse-on-demand, and hybrid processing

Tuesday (23.06.2020)
14:20 - 14:40 Room 1
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In various scientific and industrial applications micromachining with ultrafast lasers has replaced traditional processing techniques or opens new possibilities. Whereas a limited flexibility of conventional ultrafast lasers sometimes leads to compromises, various materials and competing requirements (e.g. surface quality, processing speed, surface structure etc.) ideally call for parameter studies prior to volume production as well as pulse parameter flexibility during operation. The TruMicro Series 2000 offers true inter- and intra-process flexibility for pulse parameters such as pulse duration, pulse energy, and repetition rate from single, energetic pulses over groups of pulses with varying intra-burst spacing up to GHz bursts of many pulses. Switching the pulse duration is currently possible between 300 fs and 20 ps within a fraction of a second and without affecting beam pointing or energy stability. Intra-process changes thus allow parameters maximized for ablation efficiency in one step and optimized for surface quality in another, as well as immediate adaption to the workpiece material(s). In this contribution, we show how this flexibility enables comprehensive and automated parameter studies that allow for new process understanding and the clear selection of enhanced points of operation. By choosing a suitable timescale for the energy deposition one can either maximize energy efficiency of ablation or optimize ablation quality. With the industry proven TruMicro Series 2000, both optima can be combined to one efficient, high-quality process.

Dr. Florian Jansen