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On the problem of the initial conditions for tightly-focused ultrashort laser pulses in the modeling of laser beam propagation in transparent solids

Wednesday (24.06.2020)
13:22 - 13:25 Room 1
Part of:
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- Poster On the problem of the initial conditions for tightly-focused ultrashort laser pulses in the modeling of laser beam propagation in transparent solids 1 Prof. Vladimir Zhukov
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- Poster Modification of medical-grade poly(L-lactide) using femtosecond laser filamentation 1 Dr. Bogusz Stepak
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Sophisticated numerical modeling of interaction of ultrashort laser pulses with the bulk of transparent dielectrics offers a great potential for the fundamental understanding the laser-induced processes and optimizing the irradiation regimes for specific applications. However, in the case of tightly-focused beams, mathematical modeling faces the problem of setting up the correct initial conditions for the laser field. In the presented work, we investigate the “parabolic mirror” initial condition. For these aims, the technique of the Stratton-Chu integral is applied. It is shown that, for obtaining the physically meaningful solutions, it is necessary to calculate temporal evolution of the beam in a special way. To do this, the generalization of the Stratton-Chu integral for the time dependence of the propagating laser pulse has been proposed. A numerical code has been developed, which enables efficient calculations of the generalized Stratton-Chu integral.

Prof. Vladimir Zhukov
Czech Academy of Sciences
Additional Authors:
  • Prof. Nadezhda Bulgakova
    HiLASE Centre, Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences


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