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Laser writing of waveguides in porous glass for small molecules detection

Wednesday (24.06.2020)
12:11 - 12:14 Room 1
Part of:
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- Poster Laser writing of waveguides in porous glass for small molecules detection 1 Dr. Roman Zakoldaev
- Poster *student* Homogeneous intensity within the Rayleigh length and enhanced depth of focus for Gaussian beams 1 Christian Bischoff
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The detection of small dose of nanoscale objects has always been essential for the sensor industry. An elementary component in photonics such as a waveguide suggests a compact light propagation in the bulk of optical materials. Laser direct writing (LDW) brings a novel waveguides sensor application in commercial glasses. The concept of a waveguide fabrication with a cladding sensitive to the environment and a core with optical properties close to a fused silica seems relevant. The correct choice of a substrate with a combination of LDW allows to implement the concept and design novel photonic opto-fluidic sensors for high precision concentration measurement.

We propose LDW inside of a nanoporous glass to fabricate waveguides sensor, which is sensitive to the objects captured by the nanoporous framework. Experimental and theoretical studies revealed three types of a waveguides structure and quantify the refractive index contrast and insertion losses. The waveguides are found to have an optical response for small molecules such as an ethanol penetrating to the cladding though the nanoporous framework.

The study is funded by a grant Russian Science Foundation (project № 19-79-10208)

Dr. Roman Zakoldaev
ITMO University
Additional Authors:
  • Zhong Lijing
    ITMO University
  • Dr. Maksim Sergeev
    ITMO University
  • Andrey Ostanin
    ITMO University
  • Prof. Dr. Olga Andreeva
    ITMO University


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